Presentation of Eddie Smith trophy to Charlie Barnett

Message from Steve Walker, CTT Midland Chairman:

Eddie Smith Trophy 2023

Once again we received a significant number of nominations for this third year of the EWS Trophy. Timekeepers, TT organisers, Club helpers were all seeing support from the Midlands club folk. A small group from the District Committee met to discuss the nominations and we decide to award the trophy this year to someone who has had a significant presence at many Open TTs. He has also been pro-active in offering his services to organisers, he has organised many events over many years and is highly respected. I understand that Eddie Smith actually encouraged this gent to advance from timing club TTs to Opens. He offered to help with the first TT, but our man of the moment discovered that Eddie Smith was actually on the start list and riding the TT, so forget about helping!

The winner is - Charlie Barnett, Stratford Cycling Club.

I presented the trophy to Charlie at a Stratford CC meeting in Tiddington last week. Always modest, Charlie said he'd never won anything before. Like the two previous winners, he is continuing as a very experienced timekeeper for the forseeable future.

Photo from the night attached. 

Best regards,
Steve Walker