Midland DC (K) courses

Dear All,

Requests for approval for all courses should now be directed to the District Secretary, David Barry, who can be contacted via davidbctt@gmail.com. Clubs can request a course approval by undertaking a risk assessment (CTT GN18: Formal Risk Assessment), and forwarding to David Barry, who will gladly assist any club with the necessary documentation.

The District Committee are requesting that clubs minimise the use of the number of courses that they use. This is to ensure a "familiarity" for other road users that an event is taking place, at a time of day and on a particular day, ie a regular Wednesday evening, say.

The District Committe expresses their thanks to all clubs who promote Type A (Open) events, or Type B (Club) events.

Kind regards,

David Barry 

Hon. Secretary, CTT Midland DC